Getting Around in Madrid

Getting around in Madrid couldn´t be easier. Every single day more than two million people use public transportation (metro, bus, tram, commuter trains and taxi). As this were not enough, public transport infrastructure of Madrid has been defined as one of the most efficient and effective in the world. So park your car and enjoy Madrid and its ample wooded and grassy areas.

Metro in Madrid

www.metromadrid.es  (English version)

The metro service in Madrid averages two million rides a day which makes it one of the busiest metro networks in Europe. The figures speak for themselves: 13 lines, over 320 km of railways and 300 stations.

The cost of a one-way ticket is determined depending on your destination: the base fare is 1,50€ and includes five stations. If you travel farther you have to add 10 cents per station up to a maximum of 2€. Visitors can also purchase a Tourist Pass with which you will save money if you plan to use the metro many times. There are 5 types: 1, 2, 3, 5 and 7 days and costs between 8.40€ and 70.80€.

Getting around in Madrid
Metro Station in Madrid | Image credits: OgoTours

Metro tickets are validated when entering the station. Attention! Metro trains run from 06:00 to 01:30 everyday. Click here and download the Madrid Metro Map.

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Where do I buy Metro tickets in Madrid?

Metro tickets are purchased in any of ticket vending machines installed in all metro stations. You can pay with both cash and credit card. In the latter case, the minimum required is 5€. If you buy a single ticket you will have to choose your final destination on the screen and machine will calculate the exact amount to pay. The machines are available in different languages (Spanish, English, French and German) which can be selected directly on the screen.

Urban Buses in Madrid

The efficient Madrid bus network operates 24 hours a day. The regular buses run from 06:00 to 23:30. From that time on, the popular “buhos” (literally owls in Spanish) began to operate during the whole night. These night buses depart from the popular Cibeles Square to different parts of the city.


A single ticket costs 1,50€ but you can buy a “bonometro” for 12,20€ which includes 10 rides and can be used either for bus or metro.

Taxi in Madrid

Every day 15,000 taxis roam the streets of the capital of Spain. Therefore, finding a taxi in Madrid is quite easy, just raise your hand. Fortunately, the taxi fleet is modern and cars are comfortable and completely safe, something that could not be said of some European capitals.

getting around Madrid taxi
Taxi in Madrid

Official taxis are white with a red stripe. The license number is indicated and visible on the front doors. The driver is obliged to turn on the taximeter for all routes therefore the price is not negotiable.


Not all taxis have credit card equipment, so it is advisable to inform the taxi driver before boarding. If you need a wheelchair accessible taxi you can order it by calling the following telephone number: (+34) 915932346.

Atocha Station

Atocha Station in Madrid Atocha Station, located just 10 minutes away from Prado Museum, is the main railroad station in Spain. However, unfortunately, the station

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