The story of a family-owned business

Hola from Madrid! We are Javier and Tatiana, a Spanish-Russian couple passionate about Madrid. The story of our small business is basically a love story: love between us and love for Madrid.

It all started in Prague

It all started in mid-2009 with a five day trip to Prague (Czech Republic). Unexpectedly, in Prague I met Tatiana, who lived there since 2005. She was Russian but her soul was Spanish and was in love with everything with Spain´s name on it. What initially started as a friendship gradually turned to love.

About us Family-run business
Tatiana and Javier in Cordoba (South Spain)

However, long distance relationships are complicated. 2500km (1500 miles) separated us: Tatiana in Prague, me in Madrid. We both traveled between Madrid and Prague as much as our jobs allowed us. When we were not together, we spent hours connected to the internet. God bless Skype :))

Finally in 2010 I made a difficult decision. I left everything behind in Madrid (family, friends and work) and moved to  Prague with Tatiana. We lived happily there for a year and a half. All those who have visited Prague know that it is an amazing and beautiful city. But we missed Madrid: its wide avenues, its bars, its charming squares, the Retiro Park and so many other things. Therefore at the end of 2011 we decided to pack our bags and return to the city of our dreams, Madrid.

Back to the city of our dreams

However, our new life in Madrid was not without complications. A severe economic crisis was hitting Spain in 2011. Despite all this situation, we tried to find our place in the city. Otherwise we would have to go back to Prague.

In 2013 we lost our jobs in Madrid. Things were getting difficult. But suddenly, an old idea came into our mind and we decided to play our last card: we were both passionate about history and knew Madrid like the back of our hand: we would prepare to become guide! This is how, OgoTours, our small business, was born. WELCOME TO OUR FAMILY!!

Don’t forget to take a look at our blog where we share our favorite places in the city, useful tips and recommendations.

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What makes our walking tours in Madrid so special?

If there are three words that define our walking tour company they are: dedication, service and expertise.

A dedication (24/7) that goes well beyond the commercial relationships. As a local business we are proud to have very deep-rooted ties with Madrid. Over the years, we have built a strong relationship with other local businesses in Madrid (artisan workshops, traditional restaurants, small shops, etc.). All this allows us to contribute to our community, support the local economy and help to preserve traditions in Madrid alive.

About us Te story of our Local tour operator
Javier during a walking tour in Madrid

The personal touch and satisfied customers are the lifeblood of our small local business. Thanks to this customer-centered philosophy, OgoTours has become one of the best rated walking tour companies in Madrid:

  • 7 consecutive Certificates of Excellence on TripAdvisor since 2013 (based on more than 800 reviews. 95% of them 5-star).
  • Our walking tours in Madrid are recommended by travel blogs and prestigious publications such as DK Eyewitness Travel Guides or the German newspaper WELT


However, what makes us most proud is that many of our clients have become true ambassadors of our small company and recommend us to family and friends. There is no better feeling than when a customer is really pleased with your job! :))

Specializing in a destination like Madrid does not happen overnight. It demands years of experience, study and hard work. However, specialization and expertise are two of the pillars of our walking tour company in Madrid. Our extensive knowledge of Madrid and surroundings allows us to design all kinds of routes and offer a totally flexible service. At the same time, we can advise our clients on the different options they have: it doesn’t matter if they are looking for a flamenco show in Madrid, a hotel or a balloon trip.

In short, we LOVE our work and put our soul and heart into it.

A small team makes the wins so much sweeter

In 2013 Tatiana and I started this walking tour project. At that time, we had to do everything ourselves: web design, texts, social networks, etc. After years of effort and dedication, our family-run business grew little by little. This growth has only been possible thanks a small but wonderful team carefully picked :))

All members of our small team of local guides in Madrid share our customer-centered philosophy. They also have extensive experience (some of our guides in Madrid have more than 10 years of experience). Thanks to them, OgoTours has not stopped growing, always maintaining the spirit of small businesses. We can proudly say that over the time, our team members have turned into friends. Or, better yet, family

Team of guides OgoTours
Our small team of guides!

New measures to face COVID-19 and enjoy our tours with safety


Our groups are now limited to 10 people, therefore it is required to book your spot in advance.


Mandatory use of face masks for guides and customers. Following the Spanish legislation, the wearing of face masks in all public spaces is obligatory.


When available, we highly recommend to maintain 2-meters social distancing between all the participants of the tour.


All our guides will be carrying hand sanitizer during the tour and it will be available during the whole route for you.


You will hear the explanations perfectly, as your guide will be carrying a voice amplifier.


You don´t need to print out your tour confirmation (just in case keep the email confirmation on your phone). Your name and last name will be enough for the guide to complete the check-in process.

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