How to get to Segovia from Madrid

If you are travelling to the Spanish capital, you probably are wondering How to get to Segovia from Madrid. Anyone who has been to Segovia knows we aren’t exaggerating when we say that Segovia is probably one of the most beautiful cities in Spain.

The narrow stone streets, the beautiful cathedral and the majestic Roman aqueduct will transport you to another era. There are times when it seems like Segovia would be the perfect setting for a fairytale.

How to get to Segovia from Madrid Cathedral
How to get to Segovia from Madrid | Panoramic view of Segovia with the Cathedral in the foreground / Image credits: jescadi01 (Flickr / C.C.)

How far is Segovia from Madrid?

If you are planning a trip to Madrid, you have the perfect opportunity to discover this beautiful city, which is just 95 km (59 miles) away. For this reason, one of the most common questions from our customers is, “What is the best way to get to Segovia?” In this post, we would like to offer an answer to that question.

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How to get to Segovia by bus?

This is our preferred option because of its efficiency and price. Buses leave from the Moncloa Station (in the north of Madrid) and take approximately 1 hour to get to Segovia. When you reach Moncloa Station, there are some automated machines where you can buy your ticket to Segovia. These machines accept credit cards. You can also buy the tickets directly online.

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The bus will drop you off right in the middle of the city’s historic center, which is great for tourists. The Segovia train station, on the other hand, is located on the outskirts of the city, and you would have to take a taxi or city bus to get to the historic center.

Avanzabus” is the company that operates the route between Madrid and Segovia. This company is one of the leading companies in Spain, with a modern fleet of buses equipped with all sorts of comforts.

-Price: Approximately €10 (roundtrip)

-Departing from: Moncloa bus station

-Frequency: Hourly

-Trip duration: 1 hour

How to buy bus tickets from Madrid to Segovia

You can buy the bus tickets to Segovia directly at the Moncloa bus station. However, it is not our favorite option since sometimes there is a large influx of travelers and the best times are fully booked.

We recommend you to buy bus tickets to Segovia on www.omio.com . This website has a nice interface, easy to use, safe to book and allows you to compare prices.

How to get to Segovia from Madrid
How to get to Segovia from Madrid | The bus company which operates the route Madrid - Segovia is Avanzabus | Image credits: Facebook

Another option is to book your bus tickets to Segovia directly on the official site of Avanzabus, (the bus company that covers the route between Madrid and Segovia). The only downside is that, incomprehensibly, their website is not available in English!!

Important to know before buying your bus tickets to Segovia from Madrid

  • When buying the bus tickets to Segovia, we recommend that you also buy the return ticket for a specific time since there may not be availability to return to Madrid and you may have to spend the night in Segovia.

  • Avanzabus company offers two different bus routes between Madrid and Segovia: “directo”, which takes approximately 50 minutes and “no directo”, which takes approximately 2 hours because it makes numerous stops in small villages

How to get to Segovia by train?

A modern high-speed train connects Madrid and Segovia in just over half an hour. These trains leave from the Chamartín Station and price ranges from €20-€40 (roundtrip) depending on the time, day of the week, etc.

How to get to Segovia from Madrid
Chamartin Train Station is the second busiest station in Madrid after Atocha Station. Chamartin, with almost 3 million passengers per year, mainly serves the north of Spain, plus the international line to Lisbon in Portugal / Image credits: OgoTours

We recommend buying tickets online (www.renfe.com) so that you can avoid waiting in the long lines that form at the station, especially on the weekend. Prices vary according to the time of day (early morning and the last trip of the day are the cheapest) and month of the year. If you buy your tickets well in advance, you can get better prices and discounts.

The only small drawback is that the Segovia Station is a bit far from the historic center, meaning you will have to take a taxi or city bus.

By the way, the train station in Segovia is called Guiomar.

-Price: Approximately €15-€20 (each way)

-Departing from: Chamartin station

-Frequency: Hourly (approx.)

-Trip duration: 30 minutes

How to buy train tickets from Madrid to Segovia

Buying the train tickets from Madrid to Segovia is very simple. You can buy the tickets at the counter (Chamartín train station). However, sometimes there are long queues and some employees do not speak English. For this reason, we recommend buying your train tickets online. www.renfe.com is the official website of the Spanish railway company. But there are few problems with this website; the interface is somewhat confusing and sometimes it rejects credit cards issued abroad.

If you decide to buy train tickets online, it is better to use Omio (in my opinion), much more effective, intuitive and they don’t charge any additional fee.

How to go from Segovia train station to the city center? 

There is a city bus (line 11) that connects the railway station with the Roman aqueduct, the heart of the historic center of Segovia. This bus costs €2 per person. The frequency of this bus line is approximately every 20-30 minutes.

How to get to Segovia from Madrid
How to get to Segovia from Madrid | Bus stop of the line 11 (train station - old town) | Image credits: Flickr Tim Adams

Day trip tours from Madrid to Segovia

There are many travel agencies that offer day trips tours from Madrid to Segovia. However, to be honest, we cannot recommend any of them. The opinions received by our clients are not especially positive; huge groups (50-60 people) and guides who are not well prepared or don’t speak English fluently. Given this situation, our recommendation is to travel to Segovia on your own and once in Segovia, find a local guide.

How to go from Segovia to the Palace of La Granja de San Ildefonso

The beautiful Palacio de La Granja is located 11 km (7 miles) from the historic center of Segovia. This palace was built in the 18th century and has incredible French-style gardens. The King of Spain Felipe V himself was buried here in 1746.

Fortunately, if you are thinking of visiting this wonderful palace, there is very good bus connection from Segovia to La Granja Palace. Linecar is the bus company that runs the route between Segovia and La Granja.

Buses depart from the Segovia bus station every 45 minutes and take approximately 20 minutes to reach La Granja Palace. The ticket price is €3 (€5 if you buy the round trip ticket).

Tickets can be purchased directly at the Segovia bus station without problem.

Segovia for a day: Useful tips for visiting Segovia

Barrio Judío (Jewish Quarter)

Apart from Segovia’s main monuments, like the Roman aqueduct or the fortress, Segovia hides many secrets that make it a truly magical city. One of our favorite places is the old Jewish Quarter, where you’ll find iconic sights like the Sinagoga Mayor, the home/palace of Abraham Senneor (an important rabbi, banker and Spanish politician from the 15th century) and the Puerta de San Andrés.

Segovia was home to one of the largest and most prosperous Jewish communities in Spain in the Middle Ages. We also recommend visiting the old Jewish cemetery, located to the west of the city with marvelous views of Alcázar. The cemetery was abandoned in the 15th century after the expulsion of the Jews, so there are no gravestones left. However, the place has been restored and renovated so that tourists can learn the history of the place.

Where to eat Cochinillo Asado (roast suckling pig) in Segovia

Flavorful, crunchy and delicious, the star dish of Segovia is without a doubt suckling pig roasted in a wood-burning oven. These pigs are approximately 3 weeks old and shouldn’t weigh more than 5-6 kg when alive.

To guarantee the quality of this dish, the “Association for the Promotion of Segovia Suckling Pig” was created, ensuring that the pigs meet certain requirements and have been raised in accordance with specific quality criteria. To know if you are looking at an authentic Segovia suckling pig, look for the brand that runs from the pig’s head down to its tailbone.

How to get to Segovia from Madrid
How to get to Segovia from Madrid | The roasted sucking pig is one of the signature dishes in Segovia | Image credits: katiebordner (Flickr / C.C.)

One of our favorite restaurants to enjoy authentic “cochinillo asado” (co-chee-NEE-yo ah-SAH-do) is Restaurante Jose María (average price per person €35).

When to Visit Segovia

If you travel to Segovia in the winter, you need to be well-equipped (gloves, cap, scarf, etc.) because the cold is intense and below freezing temperatures are common. Snow is also a relatively frequent event. In summer, temperatures are pleasant compared to Madrid, where temperatures hover around 40°C (104°F). In Segovia, the average temperature during the summer is 30-35°C (86-95°F) and drops considerably at night.

The Roman Aqueduct of Segovia

When Spanish people think about Segovia, the first image that comes to mind is the impressive Roman aqueduct, built almost 2000 years ago. This aqueduct covers a distance of 17 km (10,5 miles) and was used to transport water from the Fuenfría spring to Segovia, an important Roman city at that time.

How to get to Segovia from Madrid
How to get to Segovia from Madrid | The Roman Aqueduct of Segovia | Image credits: santiago lopez pastor

This amazing work of Roman engineering – 167 arches and 28 meters high (92 feet) at its highest point – has become the true icon of the city and one of the most visited places in Spain. Absolutely recommendable!

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The Cathedral and Alcazar of Segovia

Two other essential places you should visit in Segovia are the Gothic Cathedral of Segovia and the Alcazar.

The Cathedral of Segovia was built in the 16th century although it has undergone numerous extensions and reforms. Inside it houses 18 beautiful chapels.

How to get to Segovia from Madrid
How to get to Segovia from Madrid | Cathedral of Segovia | Image credits: Flickr Emilio__

Currently the tower of the Cathedral of Segovia has a height of 88 meters (289 feet). However, initially it was 108 meters (355 feet), but a fire in the 17th century destroyed much of the tower. Despite this, the Cathedral tower is, from its construction until today, the tallest building in the city.

In the underground part of the cathedral there is an interesting pictorial museum of religious art (42 paintings from the Castilian and Flemish schools).

The Alcazar de Segovia is an imposing fortress built in the Middle Ages (12th century). For centuries, this castle was used as the residence of the Kings of Castile. Even the walls of this building witnessed the proclamation of Isabella the Catholic as Queen of Castile on December 13, 1474, one of the most important historical events in Spain.

From the outside, its towers and walls remind us of the traditional fairytale castles that we have seen so many times in series and books. Inside the castle, you can visit different rooms and even a spectacular armory with 15th century armor and cannons.

We hope this post has helped you plan your trip to Segovia and to learn a bit more about this wonderful city. Remember, we hope to see you at our Free Tour in Madrid! Every day at 10:45 am from Puerta del Sol Square (green umbrellas).

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