Segovia Private Tour

Embark on a captivating journey with our Segovia private tour and be mesmerized by a city steeped in Spain’s fascinating history.

The narrow cobblestone streets of the historic center will make you feel like you are traveling back in time to an era of knights, princesses, and magnificent fortresses.

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Segovia Private Tour Highlights

Segovia Private tour
Private tour in Segovia

Description of the tour

Segovia was an important city during the Roman Empire. During this period important infrastructures were built. We will visit the incredible Roman Aqueduct, which today is the symbol of Segovia.

However, the period of greatest splendor for Segovia was undoubtedly the Middle Ages. The importance of Segovia reached such an extent that in 1474 the famous Queen Isabella the Catholic was proclaimed Queen of Castile in Segovia.

Fortunately, much of the heritage remains intact since the Middle Ages, such as the imposing Alcazar of Segovia or the superb Cathedral.

In a nutshell, there is so much to explore on a privately guided tour of Segovia. Whilst you could visit on your own, you will surely miss the layers of history that our expert guides know.

Book now our Segovia private tour and unveil the fascinating history of this hidden gem.

Duration of our Private Tour to Segovia from Madrid

Choosing our Segovia private tour, you have the flexibility to choose the duration of your tour. Whether you prefer a quick overview or a more in-depth exploration, our team of expert guides will tailor the experience to your preferences

In terms of duration, we recommend two options:

Segovia Half-Day Private Tour (5 hours)

Segovia Full-Day Private Tour (8 hours)

During our Segovia Private Tour (5 or 8 hours), the itinerary encompasses the trip to Toledo and return to Madrid.

Price of the Segovia Private Tour

We offer the prices of the private guide and private transportation separately.

If you have any doubt in calculating the price of your private tour to Segovia, please do not hesitate to contact us.

-Private Guide in Segovia:

  • Price Segovia Half-Day Private Tour

Groups from 1 to 5 persons: 297€

Groups from 6 to 10 persons 388€

  • Price Full-Day Private Tour in Segovia

Groups from 1 to 5 persons: 320€

Groups from 6 to 10 persons: 412€

-Private Transportation from Madrid to Segovia

5-hour private transportation : 297€ (1-3 persons) or 330 (4 – 7 persons)

8-hour private transportation: 385€ (1-3 persons) or 407€ (4 – 7 persons)

All these prices include:

  • Licensed tour guide
  • 21% local taxes
  • Experienced private driver
  • We work with a fleet of high-end vehicles (Mercedes Benz)

The price of our Segovia private tour do not include:

  • Entrance tickets
  • Food & drinks

What people say about our Segovia tour guides:

Discover our outstanding reputation on Google and TripAdvisor and read the feedback from our satisfied customers!

Ethan Johnson (Texas, United States)
Ethan Johnson (Texas, United States)
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An Unforgettable Experience!

Our guide, Maria, was a true gem - knowledgeable, friendly, and passionate about Segovia's history and culture. She led us through the enchanting streets of the city, sharing captivating stories about the landmarks and historical sites we visited. Maria's insights brought the ancient architecture to life, and her attention to detail made the tour informative and engaging.
Barbara Davis (Arizona, United States)
Barbara Davis (Arizona, United States)
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A Journey Through Time!

The highlight of the tour was undoubtedly the majestic Alcázar of Segovia. As we approached the castle, its imposing silhouette against the sky made us feel like characters in a fairy tale. Inside, the opulent halls and stunning views from the tower left us mesmerized. Alex's vivid descriptions brought the history of the Alcázar to life, leaving us with a newfound appreciation for Spanish royalty.
Karen Taylor (Queensland, Australia)
Karen Taylor (Queensland, Australia)
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Wonderful tour

This private tour in Segovia was an unforgettable experience that allowed us to immerse ourselves in the history and charm of this Spanish gem. Alex's passion and expertise added immense value to the journey. We recommend this tour to anyone seeking a glimpse into Spain's vibrant past and an adventure that will leave lasting memories.
Muffie M (New York. United States)
Muffie M (New York. United States)
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Our guide was charming, well prepared, and very knowledgeable. We saw and learned things that were not in any of our guidebooks. We got into places that one could never get into on one’s own. I could not recommend this more highly
Private tour Segovia
Private tour Segovia

Segovia Private Tour Itinerary

Embark on our exclusive private tour of Segovia to discover the main attractions of this magnificent city in just one day.

Among other places our private tour in Segovia includes (click on the drop-down menu):

The Roman Aqueduct of Segovia (built in the 2nd century) is one of the best-preserved Roman constructions in Spain and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In total, the Aqueduct is more than 28 meters high and covers a distance of more than 15 kilometers. A masterpiece of Roman engineering. 

Impressive medieval fortress built on a hill with panoramic views that allowed to defend the city in case of attack. The Alcazar was the residence of important Castilian kings. Inside, you can visit up to twelve rooms decorated with period furniture

The Cathedral of Santa María, nicknamed “The Lady of Cathedrals”, was built between the 16th and 18th centuries (Basque-Castilian Gothic style). Its impressive tower is more than 80 meters high. 

The Gate of San Andrés, part of the old wall of Segovia, is one of the few medieval gates that are preserved in the city. From there, you can access the wall and walk a stretch with panoramic views of the old town and the Alcazar.

Segovia’s Jewish Quarter was home to a thriving Jewish community from the 12th century until its expulsion in 1492. In this charming area, you can visit an ancient synagogue. There is also an information center on Jewish culture and the old Jewish cemetery.

Medina del Campo Square is one of the main squares of the historic center. In this square you can admire important historical buildings such as the Church of San Martin, the tower of Lozoya, or few noble palaces of local aristocratic families.

Why to choose OgoTours for your Private Tour in Segovia

Insider Experience

Explore off-the-beaten-path gems away from typical tourist routes, delve into local traditions, and completely immerse yourself in the city's rich history.
Our knowledgeable guides will ensure you feel like a true local while exploring Segovia

Destination Experts

Since 2013, we have been providing private tours in Segovia and we have garnered a reputation as one of the top-rated companies.
Our focus on this destination is paramount to delivering exceptional service tailored to your needs.

Free Cancellation

All our guided tours have a flexible cancellation policy. Book with the utmost confidence and cancel your private tour in Segovia without charge until until 72hrs before the tour starts.

Licensed Guides

We exclusively collaborate with professional guides (over 1,000 authentic reviews on leading platforms like TripAdvisor and Google).
Furthermore, esteemed publications like DK Eyewitness Travel Guides (UK) and WELT (Germany) endorse our guided tours in Madrid.

How to book our private tour in Segovia

Booking our private tour in Segovia is very easy. Just fill out the form and our team will respond as soon as possible (maximum 24 hours).

In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to send us an email info@ogotours.com

Cancellation Policy

Change of plans? No problem!  Our customers benefit from a flexible cancellation policy for all our private tours.

You can cancel or modify your private tour free of charge up to 72 hours before the start time.

Cancellations made between 48 and 72 hours prior to the tour incur a 50% penalty.

Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice are nonrefundable.

New measures to face COVID-19 and enjoy our tours with safety


Our groups are now limited to 10 people, therefore it is required to book your spot in advance.


Mandatory use of face masks for guides and customers. Following the Spanish legislation, the wearing of face masks in all public spaces is obligatory.


When available, we highly recommend to maintain 2-meters social distancing between all the participants of the tour.


All our guides will be carrying hand sanitizer during the tour and it will be available during the whole route for you.


You will hear the explanations perfectly, as your guide will be carrying a voice amplifier.


You don´t need to print out your tour confirmation (just in case keep the email confirmation on your phone). Your name and last name will be enough for the guide to complete the check-in process.

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