Where to Eat Paella in Madrid

Where to Eat Paella in Madrid Gastronomy plays an important role in our Free Tour in Madrid. Spain is a country where food is taken very seriously. But if there’s one dish that everyone wants to try, it’s the traditional Paella. In this post we are going to show you the best places where to eat […]

What do Madrilenians drink?

What do Madrilenians drink? Spain is a country where wine (“vino“) consumption is ubiquitous. In fact, we’re on the winners’ podium in the world of “vino” (France, Spain and Italy). However, other drinks like cerveza (beer) and vermouth are catching up with wine. In this post, we’ve summarized the favorite drinks of los españoles. Beer  […]

Strangest Foods to Try in Madrid

In Spain, it’s really easy to enjoy the gastronomy. Despite being a small country, the cuisine is very different from one region to another, and you can enjoy everything from exquisite meats in the north to fried fish in the south, or the iconic paella valenciana. And the best part is that Madrid, being the […]