Where to Try the Best Ice Cream in Madrid (city center)

It can get very hot during the summer months in Madrid. Of course, there are plenty of areas to seek the shade during your city sightseeing but what better way to cool down, then stopping for a nice cold ice cream. You will find booths, stalls and shops selling “helado”, the Spanish name for ice cream, all over the city.

Madrid has a great selection of interesting and inventive ice cream shops, keeping us up to date with the foodie trends. They range from traditional ice cream shops that have been in business for years to the new and modern shops that have recently opened. The one thing they all have in common is a great choice of cold, soft and creamy ice cream.

The Best Ice Cream Shops in Central Madrid

Let us share with you our favourites and all the information you will need to visit them during your stay in Madrid. Each of these ice cream shops are easy to find while wandering and exploring the city and they offer some of the most exciting and delicious ice cream in Madrid.

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A hip new ice cream shop with a retro vibe that fits in well amongst the surrounding vintage shops and quirky cafes of Malasaña. Creamies specialises in ice cream sandwiches, choose a cookie or doughnut base which gets stuffed full of crazy flavour ice cream and colourful toppings. They also serve the oh so cool trend of bubble waffle. A freshly cooked, warm bubble waffle cone is crammed with ice cream, whipped cream, sauce and toppings.

This is the best bubble waffle ice cream in Madrid!

-Address: Calle Corredera Alta de San Pablo 30, 28004 Madrid

-Opening hours: 15:30 – 21:00

Best ice cream in Madrid | Image credits: Perri Johnson


The famous gelato shop that serves ice cream in a pretty flower shape. They have stores all over Europe now and the Madrid location is conveniently located on Calle Mayor. Choose from yummy traditional gelato flavours like dulce de leche, pistachio or stracciatella and watch the staff skilfully use a flat paddle to shape the ice cream into a flower in front of you. For an extra treat you can add a cute little macaron on the top.

This is the best flower shaped gelato ice cream in Madrid!

-Address: Calle Mayor 40, 28013 Madrid

-Opening hours: 12:00 – 00:00

Best ice creams in Madrid | Image credits: Wikipedia (C.C.)


This is a handmade ice cream and sorbet shop that very thoughtfully caters for lots of different food intolerances. Choose from a delicious selection of flavours and check with staff to see which ice creams are free from egg, nuts, milk or soya. The packaging is also made from recycled materials and the cream, milk and yogurt used to make the ice cream comes from a small farm near Madrid. You can find them tucked away in the shade of a Plaza Mayor archway.

This is the best handmade eco conscious ice cream in Madrid!

-Address: Calle Ciudad Rodrigo 6, 28012 Madrid

-Opening hours: 10:00 – 23:00

the best ice creams in Madrid
Best Ice Creams in Madrid | Image credits: Perri Johnson

Ice Wave

A unique made to order ice cream shop where they treat the preparation and making of the ice cream as a performance like show. Stand at the counter and choose from the different options and watch in amazement as the staff make the ice cream from scratch on a very cold metal plate surface. They mash together fruit, milk and chocolate treats to create a layer of frozen ice cream that gets rolled and served within minutes. This young business now has 14 shops across Spain, the Madrid shop is located near Plaza Mayor.

This is the best made to order rolled ice cream in Madrid!

-Address: Calle Esparteros 14, 28012, Madrid

-Opening hours: 14:00 – 22:00

the best ice cream parlours in madrid
Best ice creams in Madrid | Image credits: Perri Johnson


A traditional gelato family recipe all the way from Holland helped to create this modern and innovative ice cream shop. Over the years Labonata have experimented with some crazy flavours and created over 250 different ice creams. In the funky Chueca shop they offer a rotation of 24 for you to choose from. Expect some wonderful flavours to choose from like mojito, ketchup, violeta, popcorn and Belgian beer.

This is the best family recipe ice cream in Madrid!

-Address: Plaza de Chueca 8, 28004 Madrid

-Opening hours: 15:00 – 22:00

Best ice creams in Madrid | Image credits: Perri Johnson

We hope this post helps you survive the the suffocating summer heat in Madrid!! 🙂

About Perri Johnson

Perri Johnson is a freelance writer and travel blogger. She moved from London to Madrid in early 2017 and spends her free time exploring Spain, learning all about the country and its many amazing sights.

She enjoys sharing what she finds during her travels and gives a little insight into life in Spain on her blog "Seeking the Spanish Sun".

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