How to get from Madrid to Valencia : Travel Options

Planning a trip from Madrid to Valencia and unsure about the best way to get there? Look no further!

In this post, we will cover all the different modes of transportation available and provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

How to get from Madrid to Valencia

The main topic of this post is how to get to Valencia from Madrid. But first let us tell you about some considerations to plan your trip.

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Madrid to Valencia: Travel Comparison

Before we get into the specific details of each mode of transportation, let’s compare the different options available for traveling from Madrid to Valencia.

How Far is Valencia from Madrid?

Valencia is located on the eastern coast of Spain and is approximately 350 kilometers (217 miles) from Madrid. In fact, it is the closest coast to Madrid. So when the sun starts to sizzle in the city, you better believe those Madrid folks are packing up their towels and sunscreen and making a beeline for the refreshing waters of Valencia.

Cheapest Way to Travel from Madrid to Valencia

It depends on the season and the day of the week. In general, the difference between high-speed train and bus is not big. You can get train tickets from 10-20€ (one way)! While the bus tickets cost between 30 and 45€ (one way).  

Air fares between Madrid and Valencia are extremely variable, but range between 50 and 100€ (round trip).

Fastest Way to Go from Madrid to Valencia

Being totally accurate, the fastest way to travel from Madrid to Valencia is by taking a flight. Flights take approximately 1 hour. However, you will have to add the transfer to the airport and the city center and arrive at least one hour before the flight.

Taking all this into account, I would personally say that the fastest way to get from Madrid to Valencia is by train.

Travel time by train from Madrid to Valencia is approximately 1 hour 45 minutes. There is no need to arrive long before at the train station. Arriving 20 minutes before the train departs is enough.

The Best Way to get to Valencia from Madrid

The most popular way to travel from Madrid to Valencia is by train. Trains run frequently throughout the day, and the journey takes approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Train tickets start at around 10-15€ euros.

How to Get to Valencia from Madrid by train?

Now, let’s take a closer look at how to get to Valencia from Madrid by train.

This is without a doubt our favorite option. High-speed trains are the fastest option, taking approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes to reach Valencia from Madrid.

In addition, if you buy your tickets online in advance you can get really great discounts.

Since 2022 the railroad sector is liberalized in Spain. This has opened the door to other private railroad companies. As a result, traveling from Madrid to Valencia is now considerably cheaper.

Until 2022 only Renfe (Spanish public railroad company) could operate railroad routes in Spain.

At the moment, there are 4 companies operating the Madrid – Valencia route: Iryo, Ouigo, Renfe, and Avlo, which is the low-cost option of Renfe.

The first train from Madrid to Valencia leaves around 6:30 am and there are trains every 45-50 minutes.

-How long is the train from Madrid to Valencia: 1h 45 min.

-Trains from Madrid depart from Chamartin and Atocha stations.

Check prices, discounts, schedules, and more info. CLICK HERE

Buy your train tickets well in advance and get great discounts!

Madrid to Valencia train price

The price of trains between Madrid and Valencia fluctuates constantly. The price depends on factors such as day of the week, tourist season, timetable, etc. 

However, the average price is around 20-25€ (one-way ticket). Occasionally you can find incredible deals (tickets from 10€!!!!). The key to finding cheap tickets is to buy several weeks in advance and choose days with low demand for travel such as Tuesdays or Wednesdays.

The earlier you book your tickets, the more chances you have to find a great deal. Use an online comparator (our favorite is omio.com) to find the best deals.

How to get from Madrid to Valencia
How to get from Madrid to Valencia | RENFE high-speed train entering Zaragoza station | Image credits: Carlso Teixidor Caardenas (License C.C. / Wikipedia)

What are the main differences between train operators?

There are no major differences between the 4 companies (Renfe, Avlo, Iryo and Ouigo). All of them offer high-speed trains equipped with all kinds of comforts.

Also, all companies allow one carry-on baggage and one suitcase per person.

The most basic trains are Ouigo and Avlo. They do not have different classes. The price includes basic services, to which you can add extra services such as seat selection, free cancellation, or additional baggage.

Ouigo trains do not have in-seat food services, but at least there is a cafeteria. Avlo trains only have vending machines where you can buy some snacks or a drink.

On the other hand, Renfe and Iryo offer different classes depending on the comfort of the seats and the service. For example, both have first class tickets that include meals and more comfortable seats.

Renfe, Avlo and Iryo offer free wifi. Ouigo charges a fee of 3 euros.

How to buy high-speed train tickets from Madrid to Valencia

Basically, you can buy a train ticket from Madrid to Valencia in two ways: online or directly at the train station.

Purchasing train tickets online has several advantages over buying them at the station. One of the biggest ones is that it saves time and avoids the long queues that are often present at Atocha and Chamartin train stations.

Plus, by purchasing tickets online, you can easily compare prices and schedules for different train companies. This is very important because you take advantage of special promotions or discounts that are not available at the station.

How to buy your high-speed train tickets online?

Undoubtedly, the most convenient way to buy your train tickets to Valencia is using a metasearch engine, which allows you to compare prices, schedules and always secure the best available price.

Our favorite metasearch engine is omio.com, which is specialized in trains and buses.

As an alternative, you can visit the website of each of the train companies (Renfe, Ouigo and Iryo), which will undoubtedly take more time and a large dose of patience hehehe.

Important to know before buying your train tickets to Valencia from Madrid

✅ Double check from which station your train leaves to Valencia. Madrid has 2 large train stations (Atocha and Chamartin).

✅ You will find the best train offers during non-peak hours. For example, early in the morning (6 or 7 a.m.). Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday are the cheapest days.

✅ Although the level of English in Spain is generally quite low, the staff at the train stations, both in Madrid and Valencia, speak fluent English and will be able to help you in any eventuality.

✅ Valencia is one of the main tourist destinations in Spain. High-speed trains to Valencia can fill up quickly, especially during peak travel times (spring and summer). It’s best to book your ticket in advance to ensure you get a seat.

✅ High-speed trains have limited luggage space, so make sure you check the luggage policy before you travel.

✅ Refunds and changes. It’s important to know the refund and change policies before you purchase your ticket. Some tickets are cheaper, but you cannot cancel or change the date.

✅ All 4 companies (Renfe, Avlo, Ouigo and Iryo) offer high speed trains. These trains are really very modern and reach speeds close to 300 kilometers per hour. Spain is the country in Europe with the highest number of kilometers of high-speed trains.

Double check your train ticket to make sure from which station your train to Valencia departs.

Where do the trains to Valencia depart from in Madrid?

Most trains to Valencia depart from Chamartín station. However, some Renfe high-speed trains depart from Atocha station. Check your tickets carefully to be sure where your train departs from.

Madrid has two major train stations. Atocha, which is located in the south of the city and very close to the historic center, and Chamartín station, located in the north of the city (financial district).

So, it is very important to make sure where your train to Valencia departs from. If you go to the wrong station, you will not have time to go to the correct station as they are far away from each other.

What is the high-speed train station in Valencia?

Just like Madrid, Valencia also has two train stations. The “Estación del Norte” (one of the most beautiful train stations in Spain) and the Joaquin Sorolla station. High-speed trains from Madrid reach the latter.

Joaquín Sorolla train station (inaugurated in 2010) provides all the amenities that a traveler may need: tourist office, restaurants, cafes, ATMs, luggage storage service, parking facilities, or car rental.

Fortunately, the Joaquín Sorolla station is located in the center of the city and is perfectly communicated with the rest of the city thanks to the metro (lines 1 and 5) and urban buses (lines 9, 10, 11, 27, 64, 89 and 90).

Obtain the VLC Tourist Card from the Tourist Info office located in the Joaquín Sorolla station, and avail yourself of boundless access to public transportation throughout the city. Additionally, you shall be eligible for reductions on museum admissions, retail stores, restaurants, and various other amenities.

How to get to Valencia from Madrid by bus?

To be honest, this is our least recommended option. The cost of the bus in relation to the travel time is excessive compared to the train. The bus trip from Madrid to Valencia takes between 4,5 and 5,5 hours, depending on the route, while the train takes approximately 1 hour 50 minutes.

And worst of all, even though it takes so long, the bus is not always the cheapest option. The bus from Madrid to Valencia usually costs between 30 and 45 euros (one-way ticket) while by train you can get deals for 15-25 euros (one-way tickets)!!!

If despite all this you still prefer the bus, let us tell you more.

In Spain, bus service is not liberalized. This means that a government authorization is required to operate a route.

In the case of the Madrid-Valencia route the only authorized bus company is Avanza Bus.

The frequency of buses from Madrid to Valencia is exceptional. Buses to Valencia leave from Madrid practically every hour.

The first bus to Valencia departs around 6:30 am and the last one at 1 am.

-How long is the bus from Madrid to Valencia: 4,5 – 5,5 hours, depending on the number of stops. Before buying your tickets, you can check the duration of the trip.

-Buses to Valencia from Madrid depart from Mendez Alvaro bus station.

-Website: www.avanzabus.com

Madrid to Valencia Bus price:

Basically, there are two different categories of buses to travel by bus from Madrid to Valencia. Normal Class and Multimedia Class. The latter consists of state-of-the-art buses equipped with all kinds of comforts (ergonomic seats, individual multimedia screens, toilets, etc.). Both categories allow you to select seats and change dates.

Normal Class tickets cost about 30€ (one-way ticket) and Multimedia Class around 45€ (one-way ticket)

Is Flixbus available to travel by bus from Madrid to Valencia?

The popular German bus company Flixbus operates in Spain. However, it does not offer the route between Madrid and Valencia.  All destinations available from Madrid are international (United Kingdom, Portugal, France, Germany, Czech Republic, and Austria).

How to buy bus tickets from Madrid to Valencia:

You can purchase bus tickets online or directly at the bus station.

In my opinion, it is always preferable to buy tickets online as you can choose the schedule and check prices.

To buy bus tickets to Valencia from Madrid online we recommend the official website of Avanza Bus (www.avanzabus.com), which is the only bus company authorized to operate the route Madrid-Valencia.

Another option is to use www.omio.com, a metasearch engine that allows you to compare prices and schedules between train, bus and plane and thus choose the most favorable option.

Finally, you always have the option of buying tickets at the bus station. However, you risk that there are no tickets, and you have to wait a couple of hours at the station for the next bus with available seats.

Important before buying your bus ticket to Valencia:

✅ Buses to Valencia from Madrid depart from Mendez Alvaro station. This station, also known as Estación Sur, has all kinds of services: luggage storage, restaurants, cafés, stores, etc.

However, you should also know that Mendez Alvaro is often frequented by pickpockets who take every opportunity to steal from travelers. Therefore, pay special attention to your belongings. 

✅ Arrive at the bus station in Madrid at least 30 minutes in advance. The bus station in Madrid is a bit chaotic and it can be confusing to find the platform where your bus leaves from. All buses leave from basement 1. There are escalators and elevators to go down.

✅ If you have purchased your ticket online, you can go directly to the bus. The driver will check you in.

✅ If you have to wait a long time at the Mendez Alvaro bus station, there is a huge department store (El Corte Inglés) very near and many fast-food restaurants and bars as there are many offices in this area.

✅ Book your bus tickets to Valencia as far in advance as possible, especially on weekends and during high season (spring and summer).

To which station in Valencia will your bus arrive from Madrid?

Buses from Madrid arrive at the main bus station in Valencia. This bus station is located relatively close to the historic center of Valencia.

If you are traveling with a lot of luggage, it is definitely better to take public transportation. There is a metro station located 10 minutes walk away (Turia), and several city bus lines that connect the bus station with any part of the city.

Valencia’s main bus station is old (opened in the 70’s), and in my opinion somewhat depressing, but it has the basic services a traveler can expect (cafeteria, luggage storage, toilets, ATM, tourist information, etc.). Anyway, next to the bus station there is a Department Store (El Corte Inglés), a shopping center (Nuevo Centro) and restaurants of all kinds.

How to get from Madrid to Valencia by bus
How to get from Madrid to Valencia | Mendez Alvaro bus station in Madrid | Image credits: OgoTours

How to get from the Valencia bus station to the historic center:

If you wanted to, you could walk from the bus station to the historic center of Valencia. It takes approximately 20-30 minutes. Valencia is a flat city with a sunny and mild climate, so it is very pleasant to walk.

Alternatively, you can also go by public transportation.

-Very close to the bus station you can take the municipal bus lines 60 or 62 that will take you to the city hall of Valencia, the heart of the city. The price of a bus ticket is €1,50. Tickets can be purchased directly on the bus. However, try to pay the exact amount as the driver does not accept large banknotes.

-You can also take lines 1 and 2 at the metro station Turia, which connect the bus station with the historic center. The metro ticket costs €1.5, but you will need a transport card to charge your tickets (this card costs €1). Keep this transport card as you may need it during your stay in Valencia.

-If you prefer taking a cab, you will find a cab rank at the Valencia bus station. The cost of a cab ride from the bus station to Valencia City Hall is approximately 5-8€.

How to get to Valencia from Madrid by plane?

Every day 5 flights connect Madrid with Valencia.

The distance between Madrid and Valencia is 350 kilometers, and the travel time by plane from the Spanish capital to Valencia is barely one hour.

Of course, to the flight time must be added the waiting time at the airport, and the transfer from the city center to the airport and vice versa.

Which airlines fly from Madrid Airport to Valencia Airport?

The most important companies operating this route are AirEuropa, Vueling and Iberia.

Important before buying your plane tickets from Madrid to Valencia:

✅ The price of plane tickets between Madrid and Valencia is constantly changing. Use a travel metasearch engine to compare prices and get the best possible price. Our favorite metasearch engine is omio.com. Instead of manually searching for plane and train tickets on different websites, omio.com allows you to compare the prices and schedules of both modes of transportation (train and plane) in one place, saving you time and effort.

✅ The best airfares from Madrid to Valencia are usually obtained for flights early in the morning and late in the day. The most expensive days are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

✅ All flights from Madrid to Valencia depart from Adolfo Suarez Madrid Barajas Airport and land at Manises Airport in Valencia.

✅ As it is a domestic flight, it is not necessary to arrive 2 hours earlier at the airport. One hour before take-off time is more than enough.

✅ Madrid airport has 4 terminals. Check your ticket carefully to make sure from which terminal your flight to Valencia departs.

✅ Check with your airline regarding baggage allowances and restrictions, as well as any fees for excess baggage. Each airline has a different baggage policy.

✅ Both Madrid and Valencia airports are equipped with all kinds of amenities (cafes, restaurants, stores, currency exchange, etc.). Especially Madrid Barajas Terminal 4, which is considered one of the most modern terminals in Europe.

How to go from Madrid to Valencia
How to get from Madrid to Valencia | Madrid Barajas Airport Terminal 4 | Image credits: Camilla Pastorelli (License C.C. Flickr)

How to get from the center of Madrid to the airport?

Check out our post to find out how to get from the city center to Madrid airport.

How to get from Valencia airport to the city center?

Valencia-Manises Airport is conveniently connected to different points of the city of Valencia through two metro lines.

Line L3 (red) runs from Rafel Bunyol to Aeroport and starts operating at 5:45 am.

Line L5 (green) runs from Marítim Serrería to Airport and starts operating at 6:50 am.

On the Arrivals Terminal’s ground floor, you will find the metro station.

The metro lines in Valencia normally run every 10 to 15 minutes.

The cost of a single metro ticket from Valencia Airport to the city center is 5.90€ for a one-way trip, which can be conveniently purchased at the metro station. This price includes the single ticket (4.9€) and the transport card (1€). This transport card is rechargeable, so we recommend you to keep it during your stay in Valencia.

Ticket vending machines are available in English, making it easy for international travelers to navigate the process.

If you prefer the bus, there are two bus lines, 150 and 106, which operate from the Arrivals Terminal and drop off passengers at Avenida del Oeste, (5-minute walk from the City Hall).

The bus fare is 1.45€, making it an affordable option for budget-conscious travelers. You can buy tickets directly on the bus but try to pay the exact amount.

The journey from the Valencia Airport to the city center takes around 30 minutes, with buses departing every 30-45 minutes.

Rideshare Apps

In recent years rideshare Apps have become popular in Spain, especially among young people. Honestly, it is an economical and flexible option, although in my opinion it is not for everyone.

For example, it is not a very recommendable option if you do not speak Spanish. It is advisable to have at least a basic level of Spanish. Otherwise, you will have to travel for 3.5-4 hours with a stranger, and you won’t even be able to communicate with him.


The most popular rideshare App in Spain is BlaBlaCar, which has more than 5 million registered users in Spain.

For those who are unfamiliar, BlaBlaCar is a rideshare App that connects drivers with passengers who are heading in the same direction.

I admit that I haven’t used BlaBlaCar for several years, but I was a former user and it’s a fantastic way to meet new people. I’ve ridden with students, professionals, families, and even musicians traveling to gigs. It’s fascinating to hear about their interests and perspectives on life.

If you are afraid of sharing a ride with strangers, pay special attention to the drivers’ reviews before booking. For the most part, my experiences with BlaBlaCar have been positive.

Here are some tips to help you have a great experience:

-Be respectful of your driver and fellow passengers. Don’t be that person who shows up late or cancels at the last minute.

-Bring snacks! You never know when hunger will strike, and it’s always nice to have a little something to share.

-Don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation. You might make a new friend, and at the very least, it’ll make the ride go by faster.

Taxi from Madrid to Valencia

The most expensive option is undoubtedly to take a taxi from Madrid to Valencia. Although it is true that it offers certain advantages:

– Taking a taxi it provides a door-to-door service without the need to worry about parking or navigating public transportation.

-Taxis are available 24/7, providing flexibility in travel times and schedules.

-Taxis as a private mode of transportation, allow passengers to travel alone or with their own group without sharing the ride with strangers.

Important to know before taking a taxi from Madrid to Valencia

-Taxis in Spain have official fares. This official fare is calculated on the basis of kilometers traveled. So, make sure that the taxi driver applies the official fare. The approximate price from Madrid to Valencia is approximately 450€ (one way).

-Official taxis in Madrid are white with a diagonal red band and the city coat of arms on both front doors and a taxi roof sign.

-Taxis have limited space for luggage and passengers, which may be an issue for those traveling with a lot of baggage.

-How long is a taxi from Madrid to Valencia: 3.5-4 hours

How much does it cost a taxi from Madrid to Valencia: approximately 450€

-How to book a taxi from Madrid to Valencia

There are taxi ranks all over the city. You can also hail a taxi on the street.

We recommend using a ride-hailing App such as FREE NOW (our favorite App to take a taxi). If you are staying in a hotel, I’m sure the receptionist can help you book a cab.

Day trip to Valencia from Madrid

Sincerely if you have enough time, I highly recommend spending at least two days in the city to fully appreciate all it has to offer.

The architecture in Valencia is really fascinating and the food is delicious (don’t leave the city without tasting the genuine Valencian paella!!!). Plus, Valencia is located on the coast, which means you can enjoy some sun, sand, and sea during your visit.

If you don’t have two days, you can always make a day trip from Madrid. In my opinion the best way is to take a train from Madrid early in the morning and arrive in Valencia around 9:30 – 10 am.

Once in Valencia, I would take a city tour to see the most emblematic places of the city.

One of the best ways to discover Valencia in a single day is to take a tour that combines history and tapas. More info click here

A very popular way to visit cities like Valencia is to take a free tour (click here) to see the top attractions.

If you like cycling, you’re in luck. Valencia is a flat city and the bicycle is one of the most common modes of transport in the city.  Take a bike tour in Valencia. More info click here

After enjoying a great day in Valencia, you can take a train from Valencia around 7 pm and arrive in Madrid about 9 pm.

We hope this post has helped you to plan your next trip to Valencia. If you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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