Why to Choose a Private Tour in Madrid

Tired of big travel companies and internationl tour operators? Sometimes these types of companies offer an impersonal, cold and distant service. If you want to enjoy a more personal and exclusive experience, we propose you to discover more about our private tour in Madrid.

When you aren’t familiar with your destination, planning a trip isn’t easy. There are dozens of variables to consider and you are beset with questions: How do you get from the airport to the city center? What is the best part of the city to find a hotel? Which places are a must-see? What traditional foods will you try? And a very long et cetera.

Private Tour in Madrid

Madrid is a huge city and there are tons of interesting places to visit: museums, palaces, churches, and more. This is why we recommend booking a private tour. From your first message, we’ll get to work advising you and designing a tour that is tailored to your needs.

Private tour in Madrid
We are Javier and Tatiana and we opened OgoTours in 2013, a family-run tour company specializing in Madrid. With our tours you will enjoy a genuine local experience

Reasons to choose a private tour in Madrid with OgoTours:

-100% Local business

We are a small family-owned company, which allows us to maintain our special relationship with the city. All of our guides were born in Madrid or have lived here for many years and love sharing its history and showing off their favorite spots in the city.

We want you to feel like a true Madrileño after our tours. That’s why our tours include not just history, but also local culture, traditions, gastronomy, as well as aspects of daily life of the Madrileño locals.

-Guidance and personal service

Local company specializing in Madrid and surroundings. Specializing in a destination like Madrid is no simple task and requires years of dedication, study and hard work. This in-depth knowledge of Madrid allows us to advise our customers and look for the best option that suits their needs. We plan each and every detail so that you enjoy the best experience in Madrid.

Being a family business allows us to offer a friendly, personal service to each customer. The guidance we provide to our customers continues throughout their entire stay in Madrid, from helping them reserve a flamenco show to recommending a traditional restaurant or buying tickets to a soccer game.


Being a private tour, it is completely flexible. You can choose the meet-up location, start time, tour duration, itinerary or even request that your guide come pick you up in the lobby of your hotel.

In the case of people with limited mobility, we can adapt the route and include different stops to rest throughout the tour.

-Private guide

During your tour, you’ll have a private guide who is at your service to answer all of your questions and who is on hand to make sure you get the most out of each stop. Plus, our guides can offer advice and recommend places to eat or practical tips to continue getting to know the city.

-Traveling with children

Traveling with children isn’t always an easy task. Often, they get bored on outings and don’t enjoy the experience. In these cases, our private tour in Madrid is the best option, without a doubt. We will adapt the content of the tour so that even the youngest family members enjoy the route, learn something and feel like they are part of the experience. We have guides who have ample experience with groups that include children.

Private tour Madrid
Being a private tour, you can plan your own route, including tapas bars, local shops, etc. Tell us your preferences and we will design a tour specially tailored to your needs.

Book a Private Tour in Madrid with OgoTours

In our Private Tours section, you’ll find all the information about our most popular tours and how to book online directly. All you have to do is choose your tour and select the date, number of people and start time.

If you prefer, you can fill out the contact form with your preferences and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible with a proposal.

If you want to learn more about our work, you can find us on social media, where we share our favorite places and recommendations to visit Madrid.

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Private Tours in Spain

Spain offers infinite possibilities. It is a small but very diverse country. In each region, you can enjoy different architecture, landscapes, gastronomy and traditions.

OgoTours is a local company specializing in Madrid and nearby areas: Toledo, Segovia, El Escorial, etc. However, we have a network of collaborating companies all over Spain, local companies with specialization and in-depth knowledge of their cities. Feel free to contact them for more information:

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About Javier

Hola! My name is Javier Redondo, tour guide in Madrid for more than 8 years.
As a good "Madrileño", I love football (I support Atlético de Madrid), eating tapas and walk the cobblestone streets of old Madrid 🙂

This Madrid blog is where I share tips on popular attractions, local food and off-beat spots.

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New measures to face COVID-19 and enjoy our tours with safety


Our groups are now limited to 10 people, therefore it is required to book your spot in advance.


Mandatory use of face masks for guides and customers. Following the Spanish legislation, the wearing of face masks in all public spaces is obligatory.


When available, we highly recommend to maintain 2-meters social distancing between all the participants of the tour.


All our guides will be carrying hand sanitizer during the tour and it will be available during the whole route for you.


You will hear the explanations perfectly, as your guide will be carrying a voice amplifier.


You don´t need to print out your tour confirmation (just in case keep the email confirmation on your phone). Your name and last name will be enough for the guide to complete the check-in process.

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